4 ways you can get involved in the Association’s new strategy over the next few months…

Check out the range of engaging activities we have planned for you to get involved in the next part of our next chapter.

The OU Students Association is launching an exciting new strategy that aims to make a positive difference to all OU students. Our new strategy aims to increase student engagement, refine our services to ensure we meet student needs and increase the influence of the voice of OU students both internally and externally. The aim is to also positively influence and impact their study journey and student experience.  

Working in partnership with you, OU students will be key to achieving this.   

So… how can you get involved?  

  1. 1 Respond to the Annual Membership Survey (when it comes out)

    Did you know by being a student of the OU means you’re automatically a member of the Association? How cool is that! We have been designing our first annual membership survey, which asks for your feedback on our wide variety of services for students. This survey isn't ready yet, but when it is, you will see us advertising it through our website and social media, so when it's ready – please take part!  

  2. 2 Take part in student voice week activities

    What is student voice week I hear you say? Student voice is the thoughts, views and opinions of students on an educational journey. So, over the week there will be a range of online and face to face activities that will give you a platform to enhance your OU journey.   

    The burning activity we want you to get involved in is the focus group exploring the needs of students about individual representation. There will be an online focus group on Monday 18th November 7-9 pm via Adobe Connect. For more information and to express your interest, email us on Student-Voice-Team@open.ac.uk  

  3. 3 Student ideas platform

    Any member of the Students Association can submit an idea to the ‘Your Ideas’ platform. You can post ideas as an individual, as a collective or anonymously. Head over to our website for more information and to share your wonderful ideas with others.  https://www.oustudents.com/your-ideas  

  4. 4 Question & Answer time with your student representatives

    The Association plays a significant role in ensuring that the student voice is heard and one of the ways we do this is through our student representation system. This session is an opportunity for the wider student body to know about the student representation system and how the student reps through this system put students views forward within the various Governance committees. If you have questions about the strategy, why not ask your reps at this online meeting open to everyone!  

    To take part in the conversation, join via the link below on Thursday 21st November between 6-7 pm. 

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Sammi Wright

Sammi is a member of the Students Association staff team.


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