Annual Membership Survey highlights

Services and resources highlights from the November 2020 Annual Membership Survey.

November 2020 saw the first full launch of the Annual Membership Survey. The Strategy & Insights team have been busy analysing the findings and are delighted to share some of the highlights with you. 

This post will look at results from questions 15 and 16 which ask for feedback from students on the services and resources that the Association supports. All results from our Annual Membership Survey are a critical part of the Association's strategy and are used to improve the support on offer to students during their studies.



Survey participants were given a list of 7 different services and asked if they had used them in the past and, if so, would they recommend them to a fellow student. Overall, 88% of students who had used a range of our services would recommend them.

Our highest scoring service was Conference. 95% of students who had attended one of our biennial student conferences would recommend it to a fellow student. Other high scoring services included Societies & Clubs (90%), Face-to-Face Meet-ups (88%) and Freshers (88%).



As above, we presented the survey participants with a list of 10 resources that we support and asked if they would recommend them to another student. 71% of students who had used our resources said they would recommend them.

With a 94% response rate, the OU Shop was the most recommended resource. This was followed by collective representation (85%), the Disabled Students Group (84%) and our student charity OU Student Education Trust (73%).

To find out more about the fantastic services and resources we have on offer, please check out the OU Students website.

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