Answer these questions and we’ll tell you what you should dress as for Halloween!

Creeping it real.

The spooktacular season is upon us! Whether or not you’re a basic witch, we all need a good Halloween costume. If you’re struggling for ideas, answer these five questions below and we’ll tell you what you should dress as! Let’s get startled!


  1. 1 It's Halloween! What are you doing?

    1. Credit
      Trick or Treating!
    2. Credit
      Binge watching horror movies!
    3. Credit
      Going to a party!
    4. Credit
      Staying at home to give out sweets to trick or treaters!
    5. Credit
      Putting on a silly costume you've had stored away at the back of your wardrobe.
  2. 2 Which Halloween movie are you watching?

    1. The Shining (1980)
    2. Halloween (2018)
    3. Caspar (1995)
    4. ParaNorman (2012)
    5. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Special (1990)
  3. 3 What's the best snack to get at Halloween?

    1. Credit
    2. Credit
    3. Credit
      Toffee Apples
    4. Credit
      Pumpkin Pie
    5. Credit
      Halloween-Themed Fruit
  4. 4 How much effort are you putting into your Halloween costume?

    1. Credit
      The tiniest amount of effort.
    2. Credit
      A bit of effort - I like to look good at least.
    3. Credit
      I want to look my best, but don't have a lot of time to make a costume.
    4. Maximum effort - if I don't spend more than five hours on the costume it's not worth showing it!
    5. Credit
      Might just buy an inflatable costume of some sort, honestly - that would look good, right?
  5. 5 Which Pumpkin do you like the best?

    1. Pumpkin #1
    2. Pumpkin #2
    3. Pumpkin #3
    4. Pumpkin #4
    5. Pumpkin #5

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  1. Quiz result

    A Ghost

    An old classic! You can't really go wrong with dressing up as a Ghost. It's recognisable, and you don't need to put in any real effort into making it - just throw a bedsheet over you, draw on two eyes with a black marker, and job done! Plus you probably won't be scaring anyone (unless they're a MASSIVE wuss) meaning it's a perfect casual costume for parties of all ages!

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  2. Quiz result

    A Vampire

    You like to look good at parties or when answering doors to trick or treaters, but don't want to put in too much effort (or have the time to). The Vampire costume is not only a well-recognised classic but also notoriously easy to put together - they can be either bought for cheap pretty much anywhere, or put together on a budget by grabbing a cape (a spare curtain, perhaps?) and dressing dapper. Easy!

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  3. Quiz result

    Giant Inflatable Diplodocus

    You have a sense of humour, which is why you absolutely should dress up as a giant inflatable Diplodocus. Why? Well...why not? It's hilarious! Just look at it! Why wouldn't you want to dress up as a giant inflatable Diplodocus?!

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  4. Quiz result

    A Witch

    Another timeless classic! The Witch is a perfect costume for those who like to look good for Halloween, but don't have the time or resources to create a unique or fancy costume.

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  5. Quiz result

    A Scarecrow

    You are a Halloween FIEND - you love this time of year, and you love even more putting together a fancy costume. The Scarecrow is a recognised costume, but it's not easily put together - you have to put effort into making it, which is perfect for you!

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