Association Board of Trustees | Trustees Week 2022

During Trustees Week, we want to introduce who the Board of Trustees are, and say thank you for all the hard work and passion they bring to the board.

At full capacity, there are twelve Trustees of the Association, made up of six students, three members of the Student Leadership Team and three external members, creating the Board of Trustees (BoT) – and they work to ensure the health of the Students Association finances, governance and strategy.  The Association’s Trustees ensure that it acts according to its constitutions, byelaws, and other regulatory frameworks, alongside the Charities Act and Employment Act.

OU Students are currently in the process of electing an additional student trustee, which will mean the BoT will be at full capacity once more. If you are an OU students, please visit our election website to cast your vote during this year's by-elections. 

External Trustees are appointed due to their expertise and skills within specific areas that are paramount to the success of the Board of Trustees. Recently there have been some significant additions to the Board of Trustees, with two new external trustees joining the board bringing with them a wealth of knowledge that will ensure the board acts fairly, logically and with the Association at the forefront of their decision-making. 

The Association Trustees meet every quarter, and are then required for emergency or one-off meetings throughout the year. They will also be invited to events and training weekends throughout their time in post. 

Discover what being a trustee is like from one of our ex-members of the board

We want to say a huge thank you to our Board of Trustees, who, alongside our Student Leadership Team, volunteer their time, skills and expertise to ensure the Association is run to the best of its abilities. 

To find out more about the current members of the Association's Board, please visit our Trustees page.

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