Bake Your Research 2022

We loved visiting the OU Graduate School's Bake Your Research competition held in the library in November! Take a look at some of the awesome bakes we saw.

Bake Your Research is an annual event at the OU Graduate School. It’s a fun and original way for postgraduate students to demonstrate their research … in cake form! Some students reflected on the process of studying and completing their PhD and others reflected on study in general. Read more about each bake, the research behind it and the winners on the padlet:  

Bake Your Research 2022 padlet 

Reflecting and rethinking: space4SDGs?

"Doing a PhD requires constant reflecting and rethinking my thoughts to gain coherency and clarity and to work out what fits best with my data. The rethinking never stops" - Devyani Gajjar.

Just desserts?

"My research explores staff roles as well as patient and family experiences of referring concerns" - Michelle Sokol.

In a cake far, far away

"The hexagonal cake represents a section of the JWST (A space telescope launched last year with a 6.5m mirror and similar to a tennis court in size) primary mirror of the same shape" - Agnibha Banerjee.

Ice-ing atoms: trapping and ultra-cooling ...

"The red circles on the outside of the cake represent the infra-red beams working to cool the atoms – these beams slow down the atoms by providing a force in the opposite direction to their motion" - Siobhan Patrick.

Mending our bonds with clothing

"The red side represents the problem; a pile of unwanted clothes, rubbish bins and CO2 clouds show textile waste and over consumption contributing to GHG emissions and the green side is the solution proposed through the project; local mending events that re-connect people with their clothes (pin cushion, thimble, needle, thread, scissors and buttons and well-loved garments" - Ismay Mummery.

Patient flow cake – from the ambulance to the hospital bed and beyond

"United Kingdom hospitals are experiencing significant challenges sustaining the flow of patients arriving via ambulance, through the ED and onto the wards (the admission model reflected on the cake)" - Phil Wilson.

Dragon boat success

"This cake depicts the day when a group of brave postgraduate researchers took part in the Milton Keynes Charity Dragon boat festival 2022" - Lauren Rose and Judith Taylor.

The abyss gazes back

"Based on Nietzsche’s maxim “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you”. The cake is apple cake as a nod to Nietzsche being German, and is covered in unappetising grey buttercream. Jelly babies gaze into the abyss and marshmallow eyes gaze back" - Emily Yossarian.

Tropical forest gateau

"My bake represents a very basic tropical forest. The leaves and flowers represent the life at different canopy levels, with clearings with smaller fast growing plants. The eyes represent the ecological niches and organisms living at each canopy layer."

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