Call My Module Bluff

Some OU modules have had weird and wonderful titles! Can you tell the real modules (past and present) from the fake?

There’s just one real module title in each question – can you spot it? 

  1. 1 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Film and TV History
    2. History of the Internet
    3. Researching Local History - Industrial Revolution
    4. The University Sector - An Open and Shut Case

    Sit back on your couch.... it's time for Film and TV History! Yes, that was an actual module. Apparently they didn't just pass by watching the box, though.

  2. 2 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Arsenic and Old Wallpaper
    2. Metals and Life
    3. Better Living Through Chemistry
    4. Rare Earths - why tablets and smartphones aren't sustainable

    It's Metals and Life (one of the best modules I ever did!). Mind, I like the sound of the others too (and yes, you did get arsenic in some 19th century wallpaper).

  3. 3 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Rural to Urban - Transition in the 18th Century
    2. The Medieval Fortress City - Structure to Culture
    3. Urban Form - Sectors, Rings and Hybrid Models
    4. Cities and Technology from Babylon to Singapore

    Cities and Technology from Bablyon to Singapore was real - also one of the best modules I ever did (I can tell you far more than you ever wanted to know about the sewers in London and Paris....). And guess what, the other titles were all actually topics looked it in it!

  4. 4 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Applied Morality - Twentieth Century Living
    2. Ethics in Real Life
    3. The Good Life
    4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    OK, who put The Good, The Bad and The Ugly or The Good Life?? You aren't studying Film and TV History, you know!
    It's "Ethics in Real Life".

  5. 5 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Understanding the Underworld - Gangs and Gang Culture in the Twentieth Century
    2. Arms and the Man - weapons and oppression
    3. Crime and Punishment in the 19th Century
    4. Drug Design and Synthesis

    Drug Design and Synthesis.... NO! Not that sort of drugs! It didn't tell you how to make meth - wannabe Heisenbergs can go break bad elsewhere.
    It was a lovely organic chemistry module. Honest.

  6. 6 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Crusades and Crusaders
    2. Atheism and the Enlightenment
    3. The Religious Quest
    4. Heliocentrism as an Agent of Religious Change

    Hope I fooled you ... thought the distractors sounded quite plausible here. It's The Religious Quest.

  7. 7 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Life and Death
    2. Life, the Universe and Everything
    3. Life, Don't Talk To Me About Life
    4. Life of Brian

    Now I really hope you got this one right.... though I'd really love to study any or all of the others (Hint - in the final exam for the Life, The Universe and Everything, the answer is 6 x 7...)

  8. 8 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Good breeding: Manners and Etiquette during the Regency
    2. Good breeding: Mendel and the Discovery of Genetics
    3. Good breeding: Population Growth and Demographic Transition
    4. Good breeding: science and society in a Darwinian age

    Well, I hope your response if you got it wrong was suitably well-bred - it's the Darwinian age one!

  9. 9 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Art and Technology
    2. Arts and Crafts
    3. Art and Environment
    4. Art and Industry

    Art and Environment is the answer - this course ran back in the 1980s, but there's still a Students Association Society (called Tadpoles - the course's code was TAD292) for students who took it. It sounds like it was amazing!

  10. 10 Which one of these module titles is real?

    1. Accident, Injury and Damage
    2. Luck, Danger and Illness
    3. Chance, Risk and Health
    4. Mindfulness, Maturity and Wellbeing

    Did you take a "risk" on this one? "Chance" your arm? Well,  the outcome is "Healthy" for you...

Call My Module Bluff

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