Christmas Advent Calendar Day 13 – Studying Over Christmas

I am going to give you my top ten tips for studying during the Christmas holidays...

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us will be eyeing up the two-week break with anticipation. A chance to forgot about our studies, tutorials, and assignments. For some of us, the two-week Christmas break presents an opportunity to either catch-up where we have fallen slightly behind, or it could give a chance to get a little bit ahead in your studies.

Today, I am going to give you my top ten tips for studying during the Christmas holidays…


Be realistic

Before studying during the Christmas break, be realistic in what you hope to achieve. Two weeks might seem like a lot of time and you might think you can get more done than will end up being possible. Set yourself a realistic goal of what you can achieve to avoid the stress and pressure of trying to reach an unachievable target.


Try to get as much done before the ‘busy days’

We all know that there are certain days over the holidays where we wonder how we fit it all in as it stands. This could be the days family come to visit, the last-minute shopping days, or the days where we might want to recover from the night before etc. You know how busy these days are anyway, don’t add more pressure to the day by trying to study too.

Study effectively

Whilst enjoyable, Christmas can be tiring too. To ensure you studying effectively and taking in what you need, without having to repeat the work unnecessarily. Study at a time where you will still be fresh and try avoiding the end of the day, where tiredness will start to creep in and all the good films and TV programmes are on.


Use travel time

For some of us, Christmas seems like an endless journey from one place to another. Whether travelling to see family or returning home for the holidays. Use this time to squeeze a bit of studying without wasting precious family time. However, if you are the one driving, this is a tip best avoided!


Use quiet periods

Dinner has been devoured, someone is snoring in the corner as they enter a food coma and children are playing, hopefully quietly, with their new toys. Whilst all is quiet, why not bring out the books for a bit of studying, unless you are the one entering the food coma of course!


Set aside some time

Instead of disturbing every day with studying, try to set aside some dedicated time to study at a time where you know you will have spare. Send the family out for a few hours’ peace and quiet, turn off the TV and social media and concentrate on getting as much done as you can!


Get support from friends and family

Ensure your family and friends know how important studying is to you. By getting support from your family and friends, hopefully, they will be understanding and give you some peace and quiet to do the work that you want to do. If not, tell them you are wrapping their presents and they need to stay out of the room for a bit!


Ask for some nice new stationery as motivation

We all struggle to answer the question ‘what do you want for Christmas?’. We also know the joy of having, and using new stationery. Ask for some nice new stationery for Christmas and show your satisfaction with the gift by getting to use it! Better than a new pair of socks too!


Arrange a ‘study date’

For some of us, both studying, and Christmas can be a lonely time. Reach out to fellow students and try to arrange a time where you can study together. Supporting each other through the loneliness of studying and Christmas together!


And finally … Have some fun, put the pen down and the books away!

Whilst studying is important, so is time with family and friends. Make sure you allow plenty of time to celebrate the Christmas holidays with them! For many people, 2020 has been a year to forget, so let’s finish the year with some joy, smiles and laughter with those we love.

Merry Christmas, or as we would say in Wales, Nadolig Llawen, and here is to a more joyous 2021!


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