Could This Be You?

There are two positions up for grabs in the upcoming Students Association by-elections. Could one of them be the role for you?

Students who put themselves forward for key roles in the Students Association understand what it is to be an OU Student and appreciate the abilities needed to succeed.

  • They care about their student community and the quality of the student experience on offer.
  • They have oodles of skills to bring to the table and a desire to gain some more.
  • They relish the chance to talk to other students and share a real passion to represent their views.
  • They believe in the work of the Students Association and are interested in the wider world of Higher Education.

Students who stand for election are keen to volunteer for a truly worthwhile role and be part of a team that really makes a difference.


Nominations will open in late September for these two key vacancies in the leadership team:

  • Faculty Association Representative for the STEM faculty.
  • Area Association Representative for the Republic of Ireland.

Who Me?

If one of these opportunities sounds like a good fit for you – you can get more details of the roles here.

Very Interested?

Nominations will open on September 25th – and candidates need to fill out a nomination form, submit a manifesto of no more than 500 words, make a  brief video and provide a mug shot. Read more about the process here.

Still plenty of time to think about it. Watch this space for further updates.

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Wendy Burrell

Wendy is a member of the Students Association staff team.


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