Deferral is NOT failure

Have you found yourself in a position where you have had to defer a module? For whatever reason you've deferred, we want you to know that this is not a failure.

The word “deferral” when referring to studies can cause a lot of anxiety. It’s a huge decision that can feel incredibly negative. I know this because I have had to defer my studies this year and at first I felt like I had failed, like I had given up and that I was weak for doing it, (yes I’m my own worst enemy). 

However, when I really sat down and thought about it properly, I realised that actually this decision meant that I was strong, self aware, passionate, determined and demonstrated how much I value my studies.

See, I could have just battled on, continued studying, made my reasons for deferring so much worse and then perhaps scraped through with a bare pass… but I knew that I would not be happy with a bare pass. 

I’m not saying a bare pass is a bad thing, but for my own personal goals, I felt that it wouldn’t work for me. 

Instead I was self aware enough to recognise my situation, passionate and determined not to graduate with anything other than my best and strong enough to realise that, although it was hard, this is not the end – I’ve just pressed the pause button! 

To anyone who has deferred or is thinking of deferring, I just wanted you to see this post and realise you are not alone and this is not a negative thing. 

Good Luck in whatever you do decide to do! 

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Leanne White

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