Door 10: Cosy Campus

Take a trip through campus with these 10 cosy campus shots.

Enjoy The Open University campus at this festive time of year from afar, and look forward to being back on campus in 2022. 

  1. 1 St Michael's Church

    You may not have noticed this grade II listed church nestled on the edge of campus before. St Michael's Church was restored in 1861 and sits proudly on The Open University campus.  

  2. 2 Learning Together

    This sculpture, by Ray Castell, was built in celebration of 40 years of The Open University providing free and equal education to students around the world. 

  3. 3 Nature on Campus

    Nature and outdoor treasures are not hard to come by on campus. Look closely and you can see a dusting of snow melting as the day draws out. 

  4. 4 The George Abell Observatory

    Another hidden gem on campus is the George Abell Observatory which houses the Alan Cooper Telescope. Here you will find OU physics student and the Astronomy Club. 

  5. 5 The Wilson Building

    A snowy path leading to The Wilson Building - home to the OU Students Association staff team! 

  6. 6 Walton Hall

    Walton Hall bathed in rare Decemeber sunlight. 

  7. 7 The Hub

    Your go-to lunch and snack spot. At this time of year The Hub has lovely festive decorations to get you in the spirit during your lunch break! 

  8. 8 Contemplation

    Sculptor Tom Harvey created this piece from a dying 250 year old cedar tree enabling it to live on to be enjoyed by students and staff at The Open University. 

  9. 9 We walk our own path

    The last of the leaves are on the trees at The OU campus, providing a lovely view from the library. The columns you see were sculpted by Richard Harris. You can read more about sculptures and artwork on The OU campus here

  10. 10 The Open University

    Have a lovely December and a merry Christmas OU students! 

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Ciara Linehan

Ciara is a member of the Students Association staff team.


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