Door 10: Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Celebrate Christmas sustainably this year, have a go at making your own decorations!

Christmas doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can make it more sustainable, cut costs and even try out some festive fun activities with family and friends, by having a go at making your own decorations. It can also be a good way to keep children busy, over yet another school holiday.

Get inspired and trawl Pinterest, or search online ‘how-tos’ to see how easy it is to make your own citrus slice decorations, or orange pomadors. Try baking holiday dough shapes, or threading some popcorn for garlands instead of tinsel. You can get creative with home-made paper chains and cut-out paper banners (think snowflake shapes, gingerbread people, or stars). Try making a pom-pom wreath, twig tree decorations (lollipop sticks work just as well), pine-cone ornaments (including deer!) and even toilet roll trees (prettier than they sound).

Image shows a festive spiced orange slice

If you are really feeling brave, you can also make decorations to re-use year after year. Try your hand at sewing fabric banners, crochet, or knit your own hanging decorations, in the shape of mini stockings, Christmas puddings, pine trees, singing birds, or even sprouts (if that is what feels festive to you). Old books can be recycled as paper angels, or folded book trees.Image shows a homemade paper angel

Who knows, you could be creating a holiday tradition, with annual craft sessions and home-made decorations to gift among family and friends (or not!). A world of pom-pom gnomes, or cork reindeer are all ideas for the making and a way to share some fun.

Candles and garden-picked (yours!) flowers and foliage are an easy way to brighten up tables – jam jars work just as well as vases or mini light holders and can be prettied tied up with string or spare ribbon. You can use herbs like rosemary sprigs to add a lovely smell. Rosemary also makes a great smelling wreath.

Image of a Christmas wreath

You don’t have to buy crackers to decorate your table. You can buy sustainable ones (without the plastic tat), or make your own. If making your own decorations seems too much of a challenge though, there is the option to buy locally, or from one of the Christmas fairs that pop up this time of year. You will help to support local, independent businesses and cut down on your travel emissions at the same time!

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