Door 13: The Association’s impact in 2021

A look back on how student engagement has gone from strength to strength at the OU Students Association during 2021.

Your student experience is at the heart of all that we do at the OU Students Association. Be it the events we organise, our support services, or the opportunities we offer for you to get involved with the wider student community – we are constantly thinking about ways to ensure that you feel supported at every step of your study journey. 

Our three strategic priorities enable us to do just that – identify the areas where we can strengthen our support and services, as well as measure how we are doing year on year. This Advent door showcases some of the key highlights of 2021: 

  • Improving awareness of what the Association has to offer – New visitors to the Association website up 10% on last year, and awareness of the Association increased o 85.7% in the 2021 NSS survey.
  • Reaching more students with our Groups and newsletter – signups are up 25% from lasy year!
  • Offering students more opportunities to engage and get involved as volunteers or participate in events hosted by the Association – membership to student groupshas grown by an average of 59%, our volunteer base has grown by 24%, and 2021-22 freshers sign ups were double those of 2020-21.

 This year has been all about celebrating our diverse student community, and we will continue our work in ensuring that you get the most out of your Students Association!  

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Pooja Sinha


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