Door 15: A day in the life of the VP Engagement

What is it like to be a Student Leader? Experience 24 hours in the life of VP Engagement Lou Robinson

My day starts at 16:45 on a cold, snowy Tuesday evening because unfortunately the migraines got me and I had to spend an afternoon tucked up in bed with a cooling eye mask on and Fearne Cotton's Happy Place getting me through the pain – podcasts are my saviour on days like this. 

At 17:15 I log in to my work account, I usually tutor 11+ on a Tuesday but my tutee isn't well so I'm covering a technical issue with a Key Stage 2 Maths and English.

After a quick cuppa, I'm back online this time on Adobe Connect with Cath and the MST124 buddies to be. I'm hoping to become a buddy for the February cohort of MST124 having successfully completed the module last year. Many modules have buddies and it's a fabulous opportunity to be able to offer peer support and give back to a module community from your OU past.

Still feeling a little ropey its a sausage sarnie for dinner and an early night.

Wednesday appears with a frosty start and icicles hanging from the rooftops. I grab a quick breakfast and head out for a wander in the snow. I find a walk outside is a great way to boost your energy levels before a heavy day of study or work.

A snowy window scene with a windowsill visible showing a small collection of rocks, a pinecone, a fiberoptic lamp, an otter, a small Yorkshire Tea van, a sheep and some Lego sunflowersA snowy window scene

Today I'm tackling some Sedimentary Processes (S209 Earth Science), I'm a bit behind but having attended the tutorial on Monday, I'm already finding the information a little easier to digest. It's super chilly in my study though so a few runs to the kettle and back are needed!

Strangely for a Wednesday, I have no meetings scheduled but Gareth if you're reading this Thursday is set to be a busy one (Gareth is always sending extra opportunities my way because I'm a keen bean). My SiSE Hoot Round Up has been rescheduled but you can enjoy the finished Hoot PDF here.

So I'm jotting down ideas for this Hoot article, replying to e-mails, adding ideas and changes to the Association's Environmental & Sustainability Action Plan, drafting a training session on creating video content for the Student Leadership Team in 2023 and submitting some anonymous compliments through the staff/volunteer Christmas Channel 'Pay it forward' messaging. There's always something to do as a Student Leader, even in the quietest moments.

Lunchtime is a little chilly so I use the break to continue crocheting my blanket – its the perfect craft for winter time as the in progress blanket can keep you warm as you go. I dropped by OU Make Club with it on Monday but was super busy between work and tutorials so could only stay for 20 minutes. It was lovely to see some friendly faces and have a chat about all things arts and crafts. These sessions are soon to become more regular so if you'd love to craft and chat, join their community on Facebook, Twitter or Discord.

Cup of tea refilled and its back to a full afternoon of Sedimentary Processes with my mini desk Christmas tree twinkling away throughout and short procrastination breaks of trying to fix my homemade nature camera because I'm keen to get it back up in the garden and catch the antics of our resident robin!

Desk space shows an open laptop and pad of squared paper. A wooden bookstand is at the back with a tray of highlighters and two plush owls in yellow crowns. Back right is a Christmas tree with a felt T rex in a Santa hat tree topper. Back left a large pot of pens.Study space: Christmas edition

I take a short break in my little reading corner to finish Day 369 of Duolingo Dutch and finish another chapter of Steve Brusatte's 'The Rise and Reign of the Mammals' which I've loaned from Borrowbox – did you know your local library may have e-book and audiobook membership? Even if you live too far to visit in person, it's a fabulous way to enjoy more books for free!

Later, I close my book and prepare for an evening tutoring 11+.

I'll be frantically trying to grab some dinner 18:30 – 19:30 before my S112 Tutorial and likely to carry on some  study by the warmth of the fire this evening before a busy day of Sustainability meetings, tutoring, studying and the Student Reps Online Christmas Meet Up tomorrow! 

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Lou Robinson

BSc (Hons) Open Degree 2020 PGCE Primary (School Direct) Student 2020/21 Aspiring Primary School Teacher with a keen interest in STEAM and Outdoor Learning.


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