Door 16: Personality Quiz – how ready for Christmas are you?

Are you a Christmas cruiser or festively frantic?! Answer these questions to see how ready for Christmas you really are...

  1. 1 When did you start your present shopping?

    1. Last year's Boxing Day sales.
    2. I've been gradually buying presents through the year.
    3. Black Friday to get those deals!
    4. I've still got time...
  2. 2 How do you deliver your Christmas message?

    1. I grab a pack of cards (proceeds go to charity!) from the shops.
    2. Hot glue gun at the ready - homemade cards go to all family and friends.
    3. A heartfelt WhatsApp goes out on Christmas day.
    4. Searching craft fairs, I find the perfect card for every relative.
  3. 3 What does your Christmas roast dinner look like right now?

    1. Freezer is stocked with vegetables, roasties and a variety of main options ready to whip out on Christmas day.
    2. Right now it looks like a pub reservation for the 25th December.
    3. Frozen ready meals at the ready, easy and delicious!
    4. Christmas pudding is maturing in the pantry and any non-perishables have been purchased. Fresh items will be bought nearer the time.
  4. 4 Where are you with your present wrapping?

    1. Waiting a few weeks for 3 for 2 on Christmas wrapping paper.
    2. Nothing to wrap yet...
    3. All gifts are wrapped in recyclable brown paper with ribbon and sprigs of holly.
    4. I have leftover Christmas paper from last year and have made a start on wrapping.
  5. 5 Where is your Christmas tree right now?

    1. There's no rush, it goes up mid-December.
    2. Twinkling away in the living room as it has been since the 1st December.
    3. At this the cupboard in its box.
    4. I have found the best quality real pines and will be going to collect my tree soon.
  6. 6 What's in your Christmas wardrobe?

    1. I plan to go and buy a new Christmas jumper to jazz up my festive wardrobe.
    2. I have a couple of festive jumpers that I rotate throughout the month.
    3. I must dig my Christmas jumper out of the back of the wardrobe for the big day.
    4. I'm decked out in Santa socks, a Christmas pudding hat and snowflake jumper most days in December.
  7. 7 What's on your Christmas playlist?

    1. Every Christmas song that has ever been sung is in my playlist.
    2. I know all Christmas carols from memory ready for the upcoming service.
    3. Mariah Carey and Wham only.
    4. 'Now That's What I Call Christmas!' at the ready.
  8. 8 What do you have on hand to make a warm and cosy drink?

    1. Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg for fresh mulled wine.
    2. Hot chocolate powder.
    3. Chocolate to be melted in hot milk.
    4. Chocolate stirring sticks, whipped cream and marshmallows at the ready.
  9. 9 What treats do you bake for Christmas?

    1. Gingerbread men are baked regularly throughout December.
    2. Supermarkets have perfectly good, fail-safe treats!
    3. I've found the most indulgent chocolate yule log recipe for the big day.
    4. Like I said, my Christmas pudding has been maturing since November.
  10. 10 What do you leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas eve?

    1. Gingerbread men for Father Christmas and plenty of carrots for Rudolph.
    2. Milk and cookies - simple is best.
    3. Some chocolate digestives if he's lucky!
    4. What don't I leave out?! Mulled wine, homemade mince pies and carrots for Rudolph of course.

Door 16: Personality Quiz - how ready for Christmas are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    Head Elf

    Photo by Erin Mckenna on Unsplash

    You've been bringing your A game to Christmas for as long as you can remember. You're a natural and your efforts have paid off - you're now a pro at all things Christmas and being headhunted by all the top grottos. You're Christmas-ready and can coast all the way to the 25th December. Merry Christmas!

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  2. Quiz result

    Reliable Reindeer

    Photo by Robert Kalinagil on Unsplash

    You're on the Christmas case. You're punctual, ahead of the curve and skipping those supermarket rushes. Sit back with a mince pie (or should I say carrot!) and enjoy the run up to Christmas safe in the knowledge that eveything is in hand. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Quiz result

    Plodding Polar Bear

    Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager on Unsplash

    Slowly but surely you're gathering what you need for a festive and stress-free Christmas. You're a methodical worker; pick up a Christmas pudding here, grab some discounted crackers there and you'll be set! Merry Christmas!

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  4. Quiz result

    Melting Snowman

    Photo by Showkat Chowdhury on Unsplash

    Your Christmas organisational skills could use some work and the head elf will not be looking to employ you in Santa's grotto yet! However, you work well under pressure and you'll pull everything together for the big day! Merry Christmas!

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