Door 17: Your student experience

Student Consultation forums and meetings provide ways for you to get involved in discussion with other students and staff on all kinds of study-related topics.

This window invites you to think about the different ways you can get involved in shaping the student experience – and in particular to encourage you to consider getting involved with Student Consultation. 

The OU listens to the Student Voice in lots of different ways – from surveys and feedback forms to sitting on one of the OU’s many committees, directly influencing decision-making. We appreciate our students are busy people and some have more time to give than others, so we aim to provide a range of channels so there’s something for everyone.

The OU’s Student Consultation forums and meetings, operated in partnership with the Students Association, provide ways for you to get involved in discussion with other students and staff on both University-wide topics or specifically in relation to your subject area. 

We have students signed up to a year-round Student Consultation Panel, who get to comment on proposed changes to University strategy and policy. And Boards of Studies consultations can happen all year round – so keep an eye on your email!

You can find out more about Student Consultation on the Student Voice Website

We’d really encourage you to sign up to one of our Student Consultation meetings in March where we’ll be meeting up online with groups of students to discuss key aspects of the student experience. 

Meetings will be advertised on StudentHome or to receive a direct email, please sign up to the Student Consultation Mailing list.

Finally, there are loads of ways in which you can help make changes to the student experience – please do explore the Student Voice website and you can also explore top tips from other students on the benefits to you of being involved.

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