Door 21: A mistle-toast from OU students!

Just when we think OU students couldn't possibly be more kind and supportive, we received this...

Back at the start of December, we asked Hoot readers to send in a message that would then be sent out anonymously to other students. You all delivered in droves and wrote some really lovely, touching and genuinely kind notes of reassurance, hope and cheesy jokes that have now made their way to OU students all across the world!

We can’t possibly share them all, but here are some of our favourites…


The pep talk we all needed...

May your Christmas be very merry and possibly with some sherry. Maybe hold off on the sherry if you have some TMAs due. It's been a strange year and we're entitled to celebrate Christmas slightly earlier. But don't let the circumstances change your perspective - I've no idea what your year has been like but know that you are capable of great things if you put your mind to it, but that we are all entitled to some celebration every once in a while. So have that extra mince pie, have that evening off - you deserve it. Put your feet up knowing that you have lived through a year that we will be reminiscing on for years to come. And you've been studying in the midst of that, while doing who else knows what. So, this is a a brief encouragement. I hope this blesses you, even if it's just a small smile. We are almost there!


A message to meditate on...

Hi, If you like to meditate, I give you a gift of two sayings for inspiration: 1. Everything is connected. Everything changes. Pay attention. 2. Listen and love. Hope you can find some Christmas joy this year <3


The message with a guaranteed earworm included...

Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas? Santa Jaws! All the best wishes for 2021 and the best luck in your studies! You got this! 🥳


The reminder that we're not alone...

Happy Christmas, you! I hope you find a moment to remember some of the good things that happened this year for you, no matter how small they may have been. It’s been a tough year, you’re amazing for getting through this far. You may be struggling with deadlines, work, family life, etc. Try to keep things in perspective, in one month will this be as big an issue? What about in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years? You’re not alone, reach out to ‘Togetherall’ (you’re eligible to free help just by being an OU student), your GP can help point you to other sources of help. You don’t need to go through this alone! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The wise advice...

Hello fellow OU student! I hope you have a lovely Christmas, despite how different things are this year. I hope you and your family & friends stay safe and well. The best tip I have learned from my OU studies so far has been to take a step-by-step approach. It really helps in my studies, and in everyday life too! Also, don't discount those small steps - a ten minute squint at module materials on your phone, for example - it all adds up. Good Luck with your studies!

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