Door 23: Memories of the Students Association

This year has been the Association's 50th birthday and we've been celebrating this all through 2022!

We heard from a few students about their favourite Association memory and have included some historic Association pictures for you to have a look at too. 

My favourite memory of the Students Association is...A trip to Moscow and Leningrad organised by the OUSA travel society. Back in 1985 - Karen.

Bloomsberry Institute Annual Conference

Billy Docherty and Cherry Day smile for a picture.

My favourite memory of the Students Association is...the day Cherry and I as student reps were keynote speakers at the Bloomsberry institute annual conference. We delivered a presentation on equality and diversity in higher education which we called the DocDay presentation. One of the best days I had as an elected rep - Billy.

OU Pride march

What is now known as OU Pride, was born as PLEXUS in August 2016 to provide better representation for OU students identifying as LGBT+.

My favourite memory of the Students Association is...Packing and decorating well-being boxes together on campus - Deborah. 


Did you know that the first-ever Association Conference was held in 1975? Conference since then been a place for Association members to bring proposals for discussion. 

My favourite memory of the Students Association is...I want to say something from my role so far but unfortunately it’s either winning a @CaptainTardi in the Freshers competition or @ProfBrianCox at Conference ‘20 - Lou. 

My favourite memory of the Students Association is...I’ve got too many!!! - Malika

Planting a tree to celebrate 50 years

The 2020-22 Student Leadership Team spent a sunny day in July planting a tree to mark 50 years of the OU Students Association. 

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  1. I love this article, it’s made me sit and think of loads of amazing memories.
    I think my own personal favourite memory would have to be being invited to, and attending, the Annual Student Leadership Team’s (then known as the CEC) Annual dinner as a guest of the CEC in the summer of 2022. It was such an honour to be invited and I enjoyed every moment of it – being at the tree-planting ceremony that afternoon was included on the day and is a memory I’ll always cherish.