Door 23: OU Students Association festive events

Happy Holidays! Anca Seaton, VP Community, runs you through Association events taking place over the festive period.

It’s Christmas Eve Eve. Phew, where did 2021 go? 

Well, for a moment I typed 2020, so I had to correct myself. Most of us had a really difficult time, what with the pandemic, lockdowns, queuing for getting a vaccine and not being able to see our loved ones. And studying on top of everything else.

But 2021 is almost over, and I have some good news for you. The OU Students Association organised lots of online events throughout the year to alleviate the loneliness. Chats, quizzes, bingo, book club, talks, Netflix parties, etc., there was something for everyone.

It is still the case for this festive period. If you’re on your own and would like the company of other OU students, or would like to escape a house full of excited children and self-invited relatives, we have the best offer for you.

Please check our Events page for more details of what’s in store. The forecast for this festive period is “chatty with a chance of a quiz or two”.

The one I'm most looking forward to is the Festive Gathering on Christmas Day! 

And to add another platitude, the OU Students Association events are there for your entire study journey, not just for Christmas!

Have a lovely festive period, get some rest and quality time (online or in person) with your loved ones. I’ll have a quiet word with Santa to bring you good grades for your assignments!

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Anca Seaton


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