Door 25: Merry Christmas from your Association President

Sarah Jones shares a Christmas message, and a look into her coveted collection of Christmas jumpers.

Its December 25th! For some of you it is your favourite time of the year – it certainly is for my little monsters! For others of you it’s a much harder time… being away from friends, families and loved ones. 

I want to take this opportunity to say that regardless of the time of year there are always other students who are there to support you. If you are taking the day to crack on with your studies, then there will defiantly be others there joining you – you won’t be on your own.

For my family, it is usually the monsters that regulate what we do! We stay at home, or at least we have the last couple of years, and open presents via skype with family. The monsters love a good Christmas dinner, so I usually cook the meat the night before to save on jobs to do. Last year they decided to have a change and have lasagne. So that is what we did, and it was brilliant. 

I have a huge range of Christmas jumpers, as shown, and the dilemma is always which one to wear! I guess it will depend how cold it is! It would be so lovely to have snow over Christmas. I love being the first person to step in the crisp snow. 

I will be joining many of you and studying round the Christmas period as I too have a TMA due in January. So, I hope for all of you it goes well. 

So, it’s time to wish you all a very peaceful and restful Christmas time whether you celebrate of not. I hope that you all get whatever you put on your Christmas lists and I will see you all in 2022 when the Association will start to celebrate its 50th birthday! 

Christmas Jumper Countdown – Which is your favourite?

1 – Its good for early December,  and whilst its Christmassy its not too in your face

2 – Good for dressing up as its sparkly, also red is my favourite colour!

3 – A great Christmas jumper day jumper!

4 – Another good dressing smart jumper, also the softest feeling of all of them so my monsters love it!

5 – My best ever charity shop buy, at £1.50! This is the warmest and probably my favourite of these 5. I have about 10 more that I didn’t photograph!

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Sarah P Jones


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