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An overview of our 2020 student consultations - and what we'll be looking into...

This year, the Strategy and Insights Team at the OU Students Association held four consultations with OU students. We wanted to take this opportunity to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all our consultation participants, and will update you regularly on how your feedback is being taken forward to improve the student experience. 

You can download our full infographic feedback slides at the end of this article.


The four consultation topics

Equality and diversity - 49 students

We talked about what inclusion means to you and what the Association could do to improve inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

Flexible study - 83 students

We discussed issues around module sizes and start dates, as well as module delivery (print vs online).

Open University online experience - 45 students

We looked at the use of the online forums and Virtual Learning Environment(VLE). We talked about how well they work and what improvements could be made.

Studying under lockdown - 13 students

We looked at the Associations current support offering and how we can support other online communities such as ‘Study With Me’

You told us about the different areas where you could benefit from additional support, and we will be taking these on board.

(Find all the areas for additional support in our infographic slides.)


Identified areas for additional support

"People who work in front of a computer all day don't want to spend hours in the evening and weekend in front of a screen."


"Knowing that no matter who you are or the barriers you face you are welcome and feel valued."


"Make people more aware of the association and the opportunities and options and awareness by making tutors raise this at the start of modules."


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