Earth Hour and Sustainability at the Association

Take part in Earth Hour, on 26 March 2022 8.30pm local time, and learn about what we’re doing for sustainability.

Once a year, at 8.30pm local time on the final Saturday of March, people across the world come together to raise awareness of climate change and protecting our planet, by turning off their lights. This year, Earth Hour is on Saturday 26 March at 8.30pm wherever you are. 

But it’s not just about an hour of darkness. Find out how to spend the hour, such as exploring nature, spending time with family and friends, watching a nature documentary, or even attending a local or online Earth Hour event 

The number '60+' with an image of the earth on the numbers, with the text 'Earth Hour' underneath.Earth Hour – 

You can also make changes to commit to the values of Earth Hour everyday:  

  • Try eating more sustainably 

  • Try to have less food waste 

  • Think about how you travel – can you walk, cycle, or take public transport? 

  • Reduce your use of plastics 

  • Reduce how much water you use – e.g. shorter showers, collecting rainwater for watering plants 

  • Use energy efficiently – make sure you turn off electrics when not in use 

  • Look after your local outside spaces  

You can find more tips on the Earth Hour website or in our recent global recycling day article.  

And did you know at the Students Association we’re also working on what we can do to help the environment? 

We've just started a Sustainability Working Group with student reps and staff to work on our environmental sustainability. There are also students on sustainability groups within the University as well. 

Hear what President Sarah Jones has to say about sustainability… 

The pandemic has given us all time to take a step back and consider how we work as things return to ‘normal’. It is so important that we focus on sustainability and what we can do as an Association to influence decisions taken by the University and throughout our student population. Taking personal responsibility as well as corporate responsibility is important. Making changes with how we buy clothes or how we recycle may seem like small steps but every step counts.

You can start doing your bit by joining some of our brilliant student-led clubs:  

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Lara Munday

Lara is a member of the OU Students Association staff team.


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