Enjoying the craic in Belfast – The Pride Tour Continues

This weekend staff and students from the Open University attended Belfast Pride

Another weekend, another Pride.  This weekend PLEXUS, along with staff and students from the Open University went across the Irish Sea for a trip to Belfast Pride.

The marchers and supporters were out in force on Saturday as we made our way from Donegall Quay to Victoria Square.  Our group were lucky to be positioned directly behind ITV and representatives of the BBC.  You may hve seen news reports criticising the BBC staffs attendance at Belfast Pride but they certainly got the cheers.  A huge thanks goes to John Darcy and the team at OU Northern Ireland for pulling together goody bags and organising us.

Pre March, all looking keen and eager to go in our OU branded t-shirts

Just before the drizzle started 


Pride Protection? 

Belfast is a city of contradictions, and given its turbulent past the future is looking brighter especially for the LGBT+ community now that Westminster has passed the same sex marriage act for Northern Ireland in the absence of the National Assembly.

Post Pride partying went on late into the night so I’m only glad I’d actually got up early on Saturday and done a Parkrun (and an extra couple of miles for luck) before having a famous Ulster Fry!

The next stop in the PLEXUS Pride Tour is Cardiff on bank holiday weekend, 24 August.   It proves to be another great day and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.  There’s still time to sign up to march with PLEXUS and Open University staff, just follow the link below and register on the PLEXUS website.








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