Forums – The ‘Hidden’ OU Students Network

The OU Students Association online forums are there for you to connect and socialise with other students, without having to use social media.

Have you ever felt isolated as an OU student? Cut off from your fellow students unless you happened to be in a tutorial with a handful of them? 

Did you know that there is a way of communicating with other OU Students with similar interests or lifestyles to yourself – without having to use Social Media?

Introducing The OU Students Association Forums

The OU Students Association provides a platform – accessed through the OU Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – where there are numerous forums giving you a huge number of opportunities to get together online with other students.

There are forums for different areas, different faculties, subjects etc as well as as ones for people with different interests aside from studying. 

There are a vast number of groups, clubs and societies who all have forums within this suite, and if you have a hobby or interest that isn’t represented …. well the opportunity is there for you, and others like you, to get in touch with the Association about the possibility of having a forum where you can share ideas, thoughts, experiences and feel part of the massive, diverse community of people like you that are Open University students.

Why not sign into the VLE and follow this link to discover a whole new world? See you there!

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