From failure to success……my story

For years I failed at everything. Now finally i am achieving those dreams that I believed I never would. This is my story of how I turned my life around.

I started brick uni when I was 18.  All I had ever wanted was to be a nurse so off I went full of hopes and dreams to Surry University.  That happy bubble did not last though as three weeks later I developed glandular fever and unfortunately had to leave.  Looking back, I am pretty sure that was when my life started to go wrong.  I quickly met my ex-husband and quickly got married……then I quickly got divorced.  That was followed by me meeting my husband and having a child.  I did work in hospitals during this period but all thought of pursuing my dreams were left behind.

I did however do two Open University courses at this time. A103 and S101.  I scraped passes in both and I decided to go to Kings College London to do my nurse training.  I lasted just over a year this time.  Failed most modules and only passed on the retakes.  It was horrible.  I felt like I was always destined to fail everything.  And that is when I began a downward spiral that lasted nearly eight years.

Our son got diagnosed with autism and that became my life.  Day after day battling with schools or social services or other agencies just so that he could have a normal life and an education.  We did have another child and she is neurotypical but she missed out on a lot.  Not least because I became agoraphobic and severely depressed.  This culminated in a massive breakdown in 2017.

I am unsure as to the catalyst which made me decided enough was enough.  But in 2018 I decided that it was time for me to pick myself up and sort myself out.  I decided to go back to work and began working nights in a care home.  I also decided to give The Open University one last shot.  I enrolled in the BA Health and Social Care and decided that since I was sure I was going to fail that I may as well try and do 120 credits a year and enrolled on K101 and K118.  I remember waiting for that first TMA result and being sure that I would fail.  Then it arrived…….85%!!  I was so shocked!  I was even more shocked when those good results kept on coming!  

The job however did not last as I decided that I wanted something different so I applied for an amazing nursing home which pays well and to my surprise, I got the job!  I met new people and for the first time in a long time, I had real friends and a support network.  In July 2019, I was sat there like so many others waiting anxiously for my results.  I couldn’t look when they came so I made my husband look for me.  I received two distinctions!  I actually cried.  

However, as it is with life, my bubble started to burst.  I did K219 and K220 in my second year.  This was incredibly challenging.  My dad became very unwell and nearly died due to diabetic ketoacidosis.  I am an only child so this was incredibly hard for me.  I was also still working in a nursing home during a worldwide pandemic which as you can imagine is never fun!  Yet….in July I discovered that I had got a distinction in K219 and a Pass 2 in K220!!

I am on my last year now and I am doing K313 and K323.  My first TMA result has been 82%!  I am so proud of myself and how far I have come and I could not have done it without The Open University.

And guess what the best bit is?  I have been provisionally accepted to do the MSc with registration in Adult Nursing for September!!  OK so I know I am not there yet but I can feel it this time.  I can see that I will do it!  I will finally achieve the dreams of that 18 year old 20 years ago.  I am proof that its never too late to follow your dreams and to achieve greatness.    

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