GDSC HACXMAS 2021 Results

After so much hard work in such a limited amount of time, the participants of HACXMAS, all from the OU achieved amazing things!

And so HACXMAS is finally finished, and while I must admit it was a bit chaotic for some reason, the last couple of hours were great! After 3 days of hard work, many workshops and social events, OU students really shined brighter!

While there were a lot of people in the brainstorming sessions prior to the event, not everyone could attend, so a small shoutout to those who couldn't attend and really wanted to, I hope to see you at another event soon! 😃 

And for those who could, I just want to say I am so proud of what you have achieved, only two of you were in my categories but I know you all did so well.

Very well done to Isaac Robinson, you did so great with the Open Banking API, the way you thought of implementing the technologies and how it would work was very interesting, it is definitely a work for the future!

A special mention to Kirstie Miles and Paul Cotarelo, while you were not in my category, your project shined greatly, and I know the struggles and the hard work put into it. I really hope to bring your idea, Kirstie, to the world!

For the whole HACXMAS, in 3rd place, Johann Arachchige with StudyBuddies! What a great idea, your presentation and the design were fabulous, keep it going!

And a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the overall WINNER of the HACXMAS 2021, winning 1st place, Devin Carter! What an amazing achievement, you really did so well, executed the issue, the solution and the project perfectly! Now to the Annual Solution challenge!

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So stay tuned because there will be many surprises and events happening next year. Don't miss out!

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