Getting to know… The Google Student Developer Club

Stephanie Zubicueta Portales, GSDC lead, introduces us to her club.

What is the name of your club?

Google Developer Student Club – The Open University

The club is a community that allows students involved to not only be part of this community with a cool name that also looks great on your CV, but also gives opportunities. 

For anyone who has ideas for projects they would want to see or want to create, I am here to help you make it real, so don’t be shy, we would love to hear your idea!

When and why were you founded? Who were your founding members?

The group at the OU has been running since 24 August 2021, I was the one who opened it after getting the rights from Google Developer. Google Developer has a worldwide community, each year they choose students to become Lead for their existing clubs or to open a club at their campus. 

This year I got the opportunity to join and open the club at The Open University for the first time. 

The idea is to make it possible for students to join a community where they can get access to opportunities Google offers. 

How many members do you currently have?

We currently have 48 members, all ranging from various ages, and students studying Computing & IT, Design & Innovation, Biology, Mathematics, Business Management, Cyber Security and more!

Who is on your committee and what do they study? Why are they interested in your topic or what experience do they have

My Core Team consists of:

  • John Oliver; a Comp Sci / Engineering student concentrating on Engineering, fluid dynamics, heat transfer and studying Python / Java. He has a great background full of experience and is currently an Engineering Ops Manager.
  • Julio Castellanos; he’s a very passionate scientist in genetics studying biology with so much experience in various fields and with a military background.
  • Sara-Marie Popp; a Design and Innovation student. She has just started studying and while she doesn’t have experience, but with her passion, within the last few months she has done so many projects.
  • Jannik Uhlmann; a Computing & IT (Software) student. He is one of the youngest in our team but he has been programming since he was a kid, he has so much experience within the field and has achieved many things.
  • Damien O’Neill; a Combined STEM student. He is an experienced senior systems engineer at BAE for mission data and software systems for Typhoon electronic warfare systems. With a background in military aviation, Project and Programme management. 

What do you like to do together?

Getting to know each other and just having a chat about things not involving work, studies and commitment.

When joining you can be part of as much and as many projects and events as you want; there will even be possibilities of winning free swag by Google!

Can you tell us about a particularly good past event, or something to look forward to in the future?

We had an Info Session on the 1st of October 2021 and we are now planning several exciting events for the future such as speaking sessions, hackathons, workshops, study sessions and coffee hangouts. There are currently two upcoming events, one going on this Saturday 6th November 2021 (about UX/UI) and one next Saturday the 13th November 2021 (about computer science and autism).

How can students get in touch with you and join in?

They can find us on Facebook. They must answer all questions in order to join. The questions are just to filter out people who are not students at the OU. They can also email us at gdscou[@] or join our WhatsApp group.

In order to join you do not have to have a technological background nor previous knowledge within the field, everyone and all fields are more than welcome to join. 

Find out more about societies, clubs and groups for OU students on The Association website. 

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Gabby Willis

Gabby is a former member of the Students Association staff team.


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