Give em’ pumpkin to talk about…

When you're carving out those pumpkins for Halloween, don't throw away the gooey insides! Trick or treat yourself to some of these delicious leftover recipes...

  1. 1 Faboolous pumpkin soup

    Keep yourself warm and cosy with this classic soup as it's starting to get colder! This is a great, simple and healthy meal filled with lots of Vitamin A. 

  2. 2 Pumpkin spice and everything nice

    Want this popular Starbucks treat without spending a fortune? Why not make your own pumpkin spice latte! This is for all the coffee and sugar lovers (go on treat yourself, it's nearly Christmas anyway!) 

  3. 3 Take a bite out of this

    Forget roasting seeds for an Autumn snack, try these no-bake pumpkin pie bites! They are filled with warming spices & more importantly white chocolate - squash goals...

  4. 4 Explore all the pasta-bilities

    You wouldn't normally put pasta and pumpkin together but this pumpkin and chorizo recipe makes a quick and tasty dinner, after all, students love pasta right? 

  5. 5 Doughnut stop there!

    This is an interesting hollowween twist on sweet traditional pumpkin goodies, try these baked doughnuts which are so easy to make and will get you pumped for Halloween. 

  6. 6 Thanks for pudding up with my puns

    Last but certainly not least, swap your usual pumpkin pie for this no-bake frozen cheesecake. It’s perfect for showing off to your guests at your Halloween party - if you've got it haunt it! 

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