Halloween crafts to spook up your study space

However creepy or creative you're feeling, these easy Halloween crafts make for a great study break, and will add some ghoulish glamour to your study space.

The nights are drawing in and the leaves are turning brown… Spooky season is upon us; but you might be feeling more fearfully frought than frightfully festive as TMA deadlines loom ahead.

However creepy or creative you’re feeling, these cheap and easy Halloween crafts make for a great study break, and will add some ghoulish glamour to your study space. Students who are parents may also wish to use them to occupy their little monsters while finishing up those last assignments. 

  1. 1 Clay Pumpkin Ornaments or Candle Holders

    All you need for this one is some air dry clay, acrylic paints, PVA or sealant, a paintbrush, and a tealight. 

    Shape and smooth your clay into the shape of a small pumpkin, and use a tealight as a template to cut out a recess at the top. Let dry dor 2-3 days before painting, and another 24 hours before sealing. 

  2. 2 Hanging Vampire Bat Leaves

    This craft combines two study break activities.

    Step 1: Collect some autumn leaves on a leisurely walk.

    Step 2:  Let the leaves dry dry before delicately painting them black. Once the paint is dry, use a white marker to decorate them with bat faces (the more fang-tastic the better) and use blu-tack or string to hang them. 

  3. 3 Scary Stone Paper Weights

    Have some spare pebbles in the garden? Use acrylic paints to turn some into ghost or monster paper-weights. Go all out by adding googly eyes, pipe cleanerrs and glitter. 

  4. 4 Ghost or Pumpkin Stress Balls

    By filling a white or orange balloon with rice, tieing at the top and finishing with a black marker smiley face, you can make yourself a spooktacular stress ball. 

  5. 5 Spider Desk Pal

    A sparkly pompom, some googly eyes, paint or felt-tip, and some ice-cream sticks are all you need to make this (much more cute than scary) desk pal. 

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Gabby Willis

Gabby is a former member of the Students Association staff team.


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