I did the Super Mario study hack and I’m shocked

You know the feeling when you are at your wit's end and will do just about anything? That was me this one musically eventful night.

You often see people do all types of things on TikTok. Whether it’s dancing, cooking, cleaning or studying, there are tips and tricks for everything you can think of. That being said, you can’t believe everything on the Internet and that’s how I felt about this TikTok study-hack trend.

I made a list of classical study music playlists not so long ago and when I did a bit of research, there was no denying that music can help with concentration. But, the Super Mario soundtrack? I bet the little hint of confusion, disbelief and intrigue that you are feeling right now is the same one I had when I started to see this on #StudyTok. It was spreading like wildfire for a time and it wasn’t hard to have your doubts due to its popularity and the fact it was Super Mario.

When countless people started to vow that they progressed or finished their assignments, essays and even their dissertations faster on this trend, I thought I could never be one of those people to give in and try. It was more along the lines of, “That’s so cool! Well… If it’s true.” 

I didn’t even remember the trend until classical music wasn’t giving me enough of that kick that I needed anymore. But, I was determined to finish this one assignment right then and there. So, I just went onto Youtube and started to type, “Super Mario Study Music”. To my surprise, there were plenty of videos, many lasting more than an hour.

Whether it was placebo, desperation or it genuinely did what it was supposed to, I have to say that I surprisingly finished a bit quicker than I anticipated when I stuck with one of the videos I found. Granted, I worked on a bit more than half of the assignment by this point, so… Take that as you will.

I don’t know if I’d do it again when I work on any upcoming assignments, but it was interesting to experiment with as I would have never originally come up with the idea myself.

Would you give the Super Mario “study hack” a chance when you do your next assignment? Did you witness this on TikTok and have since tried it out for yourself? 

Also, let me know in the comments if you have any uncommon or seemingly “weird” study hacks that you swear work. I’m curious and might take it on myself to test it out!

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