Introducing Makarelle

Members of OU student society, Write Club, have launched a literary magazine!

As Chair of Write Club I am always amazed by the absolute brilliance of our members, whether they are storytellers or poets or some kind of non-fiction specialists, there is always room for everyone in our spaces. What this means is we get to celebrate all kinds of landmarks with them. From a book or poem being published, to a children’s book launch, and from a competition won, to the latest in a series of anthologies that is being pulled together. All of these are a massive cause for joy for us all.

This April we are grateful to celebrate another launch, as some of our members have banded together with their cohort of master’s degree peers to produce the best new literary magazine ever. Makarelle. They look forward to sharing the launch issue with you all.

If you check out their website or social media, you can see ways to get your work showcased.

Cinnomen McGuigan

Chair of Write Club





The Editorial team.


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