Introducing the OU Commercial Awareness Society

Find out about the OU Commercial Awareness Society, it's history and ambition, and how to get involved!

What is Commercial Awareness?

Commercial awareness refers to an individual’s broad understanding of how businesses operate internally and of the wider market and environmental issues affecting organisations (source)

Commercial Awareness is a phrase used to describe a particular set of skills and interests that essentially describe knowing how the business world works; what companies do, where their money comes from and goes, and how their industries overlap and combine to influence the wider world.

Do I need Commercial Awareness?

Although this is a term most familiar to Law/Business students, everyone can benefit from improving their commercial awareness. Understanding the cash flow through businesses, and the factors affecting this flow, will enable any graduate to excel in their chosen field of work, whether that be in a law firm, or as an environmental scientist working with companies to reduce their carbon footprint (as this is a big issue affecting future profitability and reputation currently).  

Who are OUCAS? (a brief history)

OUCAS are the Open University Commercial Awareness Society, founded to equip students with the necessary skills to understand these world issues and develop this knowledge into a fantastic application and interview technique.

Over the past few years, we have provided educational tools (in the form of newsletters) and events, allowing students to learn, meet and network. We have recently had a refresh, and with a new committee, new website and as a “start-up” society, we are full of energy and ideas to bring to the OU student body.

What are we planning?

By equipping students with the knowledge and confidence to discuss and debate these issues, we offer our members the best shot at landing their dream roles post-qualification.

We will continue to offer educational products to our members, branching out from newsletters and our blog, to lectures, podcasts, and informal talks with experienced people from various employment backgrounds. We will also (when restrictions allow) be hosting a variety of events with firms who are at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

How do I join?

Simple! Visit us as – joining could not be easier!

We are also on social media:
Facebook –

Twitter – @OUCAS_

Instagram – @ou.cas

LinkedIn –

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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