It’s never too late

Nine years ago Paul was told to lose weight by his GP or he wouldn't see 50. Now, he knows that you're never too old to have a dream!

Nine years ago I was told to lose weight by my GP or I wouldn’t see 50. It took me six months to lose it and change my diet. This led to me changing my health, I became a stay at home Dad and registered as a childminder. 

Five years ago I started work as a residential youth care worker and started going to college to do my Higher National Certificate. My lecturer told me to think about University once the part-time course finished and I registered with The Open University two years ago. 

I only have one more year to do now and then I am hoping to start my career training to be a Primary School Teacher. This is something that I would never be able to achieve, as my schooling when I was younger was terrible due to depression and general poor health. I cannot thank The Open University enough at this point, it's totally changed my life and I am going to gain a qualification that I never thought I could do. You're never too old to have a dream. Thanks to The Open University they are giving me the foundation to achieve it!

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Paul wilson


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