Life, Health and Chemical Sciences (LHCS) student engagement forum

If you want the opportunity to have your say on the future of the Science Website and next year’s proposed Student Conference now is your chance to give us feedback!

We are student interns at the LHCS, and we have recently launched a forum for students to get in touch and offer their ideas and feedback so that we can make both the website and the conference, platforms that are designed specifically to the needs of our fellow students.

Obviously, next year’s conference will be the first chance in a long while for the LHCS to bring everyone together so it is very important to us that we get the right balance of events. There are many different avenues we could go down, for example, we could have lectures from speakers who can discuss topical matters such as COVID, water pollution or monkeypox. Or we could put on workshops to help improve specific skills, such as essay writing, referencing or lab work. Perhaps you feel you would benefit from speaking to careers advisers to determine how best to translate your studies into new professional opportunities. Maybe you would simply like to meet and talk to your fellow students at a social event on campus. Whatever your wish, let us know so can make sure this conference delivers for the students.

As for the Science Website, though many of you may have experience using it to look up useful advice for your module work or checking to see what upcoming events the LHCS are putting on, we now want to take it further than that. Ultimately, we want the site to be a base of operations for all LHCS students both during and outside of their modules. To do this, we need to make sure the site is user-friendly so you can always find the advice that you’re looking for and that the events that are promoted on the site are the ones students are most interested in. We also want there to be a sense of community on the site across all the different modules and for students from different modules to come together to share and discuss ideas to further their general scientific understanding. 

For this to be possible, we need to hear from you. Have you found the site useful? How can we make it better for you?  Please, follow the link below to the forum and have your say.

S-SCIENCE: Student Engagement Forum (

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