Managing Mental Health Whilst Studying

Finley's top tips and the techniques to stay mentally well and manage your studies...


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  1. Something I’ve discovered over many years of on and off studying with the OU while dealing with mental health challenges, is that it’s important to take ‘me time’s. However much it may seem you have to get through study-wose, if you’re not spending time relaxing your mental health could well nose-dive. Practicing mindfulness, meditation, colouring in ‘grown-up’ colouring books,, walking outside (or just sitting at an open window and breathing in the fresh air can all do wonders for you.
    Congrats Finlay on getting this far and thanks for being a champion and inspiration to others.

    1. Bless you, thank you! Yes, I absolutely agree, in fact that would be my top tip. Without me time, you burn out quick. Ive often found an day off to be far more valuable long term than pushing through. I also love a good coloring book!