We know what your perfect volunteer role is…

With so many ways to get involved, give something back, learn something new and meet other students, let us give you a little help in finding your perfect role!

Whether you enjoy meeting new people, public speaking or enjoy nothing more than a good cup of tea. We have something for you!

  1. On my rest days you can find me...

    1. Relaxing in a coffee shop with a nice hot drink having a natter with friends...
    2. Hitting my local pub for a good ole' quiz night with a good group!
    3. Reading historical novels or looking at old photos and media enjoying wondering about the past and the stories those pictures hold!
    4. Planning all the things I am going to do... projects, renovations, jobs, travel...
    5. Debating the current state of the world online or face to face with friends, family, acquaintances and anyone who will listen!

We know what your perfect volunteer role is...

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    Meet-up Host

    Well, aren't you the social butterfly! A cup of a tea and a chin wag would be an ideal weekend activity for you! 

    Did you know you could volunteer to host meet-ups with other OU students? Experienced volunteers and staff are on hand to help and your volunteer training will give you the tools you need to make your events a success.

    Even if you aren't quite ready to take on hosting duties, why not check out what's happening near you and see if students are gathering nearby! 

    We recruit regularly for meet-up hosts so why not get in touch to find out when we will next be recruiting! oustudents-volunteer@open.ac.uk 

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    Residential School Representative

    Lucky for OU students, someone like you is on hand to make their Residential School all that more enjoyable! You are likely a bit of a quiz master who is always happy to help, you can identify a lost student form a mile away and would willingly support students with their OU hoodie and zoodie stash purchases all day long! 

    Residential schools happen all the time but the 'big ones' our volunteers help at are only once a year over the summer so don't miss out, apply to help out in Bath now! 

    Past volunteers have told us they had a great time and really enjoyed meeting other students, especially during the 'social' when the volunteers run a quiz and activities for other OU students! 

    Remember, we are always happy to answer questions! oustudents-volunteer@open.ac.uk 

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    Archive Online Cataloguer

    Attention to detail? An interest in History? Looking to help out a little from afar? We have just the role! *phew!* 

    Our Archive Online Cataloguers live all over the world, as far as Vietnam! Wowzers, what a committed bunch. We are proud to have a team of OU students dedicated to making sure we have a reliable and well-stored archive so that the history of the Association is preserved to live on for centuries to come! 

    If you are interested or want to know more, it only takes a minute to take a look at what you could be doing!

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    Central Committee Representative

    Some may say you have a big mouth or a lot of opinions. Well, guess what? 

    We like big mouth students with lots of opinions because when it comes to the OU, if our students don't speak up, who will? 

    Now is the time to take on a role if you want to have an impact on how the university is run and get involved in committees that are making decisions about the future of online learning at the Open University! 

    This role is already full of students just like you, seeking to make a difference for their peers and so you will fit right in! 

    Find out how to apply! 

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    Student-led Project Leader

    You spend your days wondering how to get involved, you'd like to volunteer but haven't managed to fit into that glass slipper yet... 

    Well luckily for you we have created just the role for the creative thinking OU student with a great idea, uncertain how to put it into action. We are looking for Student-led projects which will benefit others, so whether you are looking to host a beach clean, a craft meet-up or raise awareness of a local campaign, we are here to help you get it off the ground.  We even have some funding, staff resource and project packs to support you! 

    Why not send us your ideas to be considered. Don't delay though as the application window is only open until the end of May 2019!

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Beth Metcalf

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