Mental wellbeing online meet-ups

Join fellow students to discuss mental wellbeing in a safe, confidential space.

The mental wellbeing sessions are hosted by Peter, a friendly and welcoming person and who has experience of mental health issues. He is currently an undergraduate student studying mental health and has a good understanding of the components making up mental ill-health and mental wellbeing. His hobbies include studying, mental health discussion and the Japanese martial art of Aikido. He is a big coffee buff.

These sessions are primarily aimed at mental wellbeing discussions, however, can be a general chat, these are hosted via Adobe Connect, with the OU Students Association. These are currently weekly sessions held on a Sunday, from 7 pm to 8 pm. The sessions are hosted over the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as in the summer holidays.

Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of background and there's no commitment needed. As these sessions are run weekly, if you miss one session your more than welcome to join in the next session, you can turn up have a chat and get to know people or join and watch! Please join us for a friendly chat, the sessions are run by student volunteers to help OU students share experiences in achieving and maintaining mental wellbeing.

These are for mental health discussion and social gatherings and topics may include the power of exercise, the natural world, talking, sleep, diet, laughter or study in keeping the mind well. However, please note these are not a therapeutic session and none of the participants are trained in managing mental health issues or counselling, if you require this support please contact your GP or health provider or visit support services for advice.

We provide a safe, confidential and online mental health discussion platform, what is said in the room stays in the room. These sessions are for current and postgraduate students of the Open University and are also monitored with strict notices and ground rules, to ensure safety and respect of participants who join in the discussion.

Hope to see more of you there!

Posted on behalf of the meet-up host, Peter

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  1. Hi Peter, I’m a little confused , do I need to download Adobe Connect ? When is the next session? Is it tomorrow (Sun 24th)? Its really good to know you are doing what you are doing, I look forward to finding out more about it regards and thanks

    1. Hi Jake, you will need to download Adobe Connect, it is the same software that the Open University uses for its online tutorials for all modules
      Also, yes there is a session on the 24th January.
      Best wishes Kate