Micro-Volunteers Day: Writing for The Hoot

Today is micro-volunteering day, and we’d like to celebrate the work done by micro-volunteers at the OU Students Association, for The Hoot and beyond!

A little over a year ago, the OU Students Association welcomed our first group of Association Micro-Volunteers. 

This brand-new role allowed busy students the opportunity to volunteer their time flexibly, picking which projects excited them, and benefiting OU students in the process. Together they’ve used their skills to help transform our student support webpages, provided valuable insights at consultations and focus groups, and spread the word about important Association events and activities such as elections. However, one of the real highlights of the first year of micro-volunteering has been discovering just how creative our students really are.

Over the past few months, some micro-volunteers have been providing regular content for The Hoot. Here’s what they’ve had to say about their experience:

  • “I like writing for the Hoot as it encourages me to flex my writing abilities with delightful guidance. I found that writing small and sweet articles for the Hoot is a lovely break from writing stressful TMAs” – Kaitlin Webster

  • "I love writing for The Hoot. It's a fantastic opportunity to share my interests and write creatively. Sometimes when I'm in a rut between TMAs, finishing a Hoot article can be a boost to my focus and energy for study too. Whether you're an experienced writer or you just want to give writing a try, the community is very inclusive, and The Hoot team are always on hand to offer support." – Louise Robinson

  • “Pitching and writing for the hoot is fun, fascinating, and inspiring. Knowing that what you’re writing can reach so many others, and maybe improve their understanding or experience of subjects that matter to you is great for both self- and external validation, and your self-esteem if you get some likes or comments too! It’s also good to keep your hand in at writing journalistically not academically for a refreshing change from making your writing as dull and heavily referenced as possible…  Finding out about the Hoot was really exciting…I hope it’s going to keep expanding what it offers, and I can continue to be part of it, too.” – Sarah Jane Russel

If you’d like to become volunteer, you can create your own volunteer profile on the Students Association website and receive alerts for interesting roles.

Any OU student can write for The Hoot. Take a look at our guidelines and see where your inspiration takes you. 

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