National Student Survey 2021

The 2021 National Student Survey is underway. It lets eligible students share honest feedback about their experience of studying with the OU.

The 2021 National Student Survey (NSS) is underway. It provides eligible students with an opportunity to share honest feedback about their experience of studying with The Open University (OU).

The UK-wide annual survey gets sent to a random selection of undergraduate students. They are usually in their final year, although at the OU, this may vary slightly – for example, recipients might be studying a level 3 module but not yet be in their final year of study.

If you are in the OU’s survey sample, you will have been emailed a unique survey link in early January and you may receive further reminders. You can complete the survey until 30 April 2021 using your survey link or by visiting

If you have been invited to respond to the NSS, go for it and get your voice heard.

Your feedback provides the OU with important insights that they actively use to improve the student experience. Find out what changes have been made based on student feedback.

Within the OU Students Association, one of our key roles is academic representation, looking out for the academic interest of the students within the University. So looking at the feedback from the NSS to see what is working or not for students in terms of teaching, materials and so on, is very helpful for our reps.

There is also a question in the survey about how effective we are within the Association, so we use this to reflect on the work we do, for instance, are we reaching out to students across the faculties, to students with disabilities, to students across different regions?

The survey is administered by the independent market research agency Ipsos MORI on behalf of the UK Higher Education Funding Bodies and Regulator. Responses remain anonymous at all times.



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