Nominations are now open! Here’s all you need to know about #voteOUstudents so far

Returning officers, standing in the elections, key dates... and more!

With elections season upon us, and nominations open, we want to catch you up on what’s gone on so far, including introducing you to this year’s Returning Officers. Read on for more information, and all the links you need to help you stand to represent your fellow OU Students. 

So, what role do the Returning Officers play in the elections? We’ll break it down for you!

Allan Musinguzi and Beth Metcalf, Returning Officers

The Returning Officer oversees the election and ensures candidates are partaking in a fair election that follows the rules. They offer further information to the External Advisor, providing them with advice and guidance on the internal policies and procedures in place at the Association to allow them to make recommendations. The Returning Officer will be the one to interpret the rules of the elections and investigate complaints to determine whether they will be upheld, however, they will have access to an external advisor to offer an independent view and recommendations.

Emily Cox, Deputy Returning Officer

The Deputy Returning Officer ensures the smooth running of the election. They are responsible for the practical running of the elections, including managing comms, carrying out administrative processes, offering candidate support and providing relevant and timely information to members, candidates and voters.

External Elections Advisor

The External Elections Advisor is an individual who independently oversees the election, working in consultation with the Returning Officers. They can act as an independent party for larger queries if and when required. Our External Elections Advisor for the 2022 elections is Ashley Storer-Smith, of Nottingham Students Union. 

If you have any further questions about the Returning Officers or general queries about the Student Leadership and Board of Trustees elections please email

Dates for your diary
  • Nominations are open between Tuesday 22 March and Tueday 5 April
  • Candidates will be announced on Tueday 19 April
  • Campaigning begins!
  • Voting is open Friday 29 April – Wednesday 18 May
  • Results will be announced on Friday 20 May!

Ready to stand?

Mominations are open now, until Tuesday 4 April. There are a umber of roles on offer, and you can find out more about them on our website. 

Not sure how to write a manifesto? It’s easy, and there’s a handy Hoot guide here.

Once you’ve written your manifesto, you’ll want to submit your nomination. That’s easy too! 

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