Open University volunteering and study related experiences to date

Since starting my studies with The Open University I have found myself engaging in various activities and opportunities.

Since starting my studies with The Open University I have found myself engaging in various activities and opportunities. 

I find by fully immersing myself in student life and accepting opportunities that have arisen my knowledge has increased and this benefits my studies as well as my well-being. It is enjoyable to take part in each opportunity and adds to a sense of belonging which can be essential when distance learning. 

Here is a list of some of the things I have done in the past year. What does yours look like?

  • December 2021 into January 2022: I took part in the Students Association Governance resolutions campaign as a member of the Students Association FOR-campaign team. I attended Teams meetings and wrote articles for the Students Association online magazine ‘The Hoot’: Why should you vote for the change from a biennial Students Association Conference to an online Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Why you should vote for the changes to the Students Association’s student leadership structure.
  • January 2022: I attended the Student Associations online biennial Conference.

    the text reads: Conference #OUstudents22

  • February 2022: I was invited to join the Students Association 50th Anniversary Steering Group which oversees all activity throughout the Association’s 50th year.
  • March 2022: I wrote a piece on ‘Culture’ which Won 3rd Place in the February 2022 Freshers Fortnight Freshers Writing Competition winning an OU Sweatshirt from the OU Students Shop worth £25.
  • March 2022 to Present: Started as a Shout 85258 Volunteer which is a continuing role, I found this opportunity through the Opportunity Hub on the Open University website.
    April 2022: I created and submitted a Poem ‘Ameliorate’ around the theme of ‘Keep Learning’ to feature in a new Student Wellbeing Handbook ‘developed by students and staff from the Student Voice and Wellbeing group within the School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport (ECYS)’.
  • September 2022 to Present: I started a Volunteer role as a Second Club Lead for ‘Beyond the Shelf The OU Psychology Book Club’.
  • September 2022 to Present: Joined the Accessibility and Usability Evaluation Student Panel which provides opportunities to participate in some usability projects involving websites and some systems used throughout The Open University as an AUE Student Panel member.

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