OU Freshers Fair 2019

Find out about our OU Freshers Fair 2019 which was held on the 28th September 2019 at the OU Walton Hall campus, Milton Keynes.

The stage was set on Saturday for the 137th meeting of the Societies Committee for their Annual General Meeting. The Societies shared reports on their activities and memberships, and voted for the new Chair of the Societies Committee, Cinnomen McGuigan. 

In the afternoon, students arrived to the Betty Boothroyd library for the Freshers Fair! Societies and groups set up stalls around the atrium and included: Psychological Society, OU Poets, Write Club, Music, History, Alchemy, Fusion, M500 (Maths), Mountaineering, Law, Commercial Awareness, PLEXUS, the Disabled Students Group and the Students Association. The stalls were beautifully decorated and everyone had lots of freebies to give away! Throughout the afternoon we met wonderful and enthusiastic students from around the country and even one student who came all the way from Switzerland!

Students at Freshers Fair

Our wonderful volunteers Jeremy and Cazz led informative walking tours around the campus and volunteer/WELS Faculty Rep Sarah manned a busy reception desk. 

Students on a walking tour at Freshers Fair

Tour was fab!

Receptionist Sarah was exceptional!

The Area Association Representative for England, Danielle was also on hand to meet with students and to show them around. What's more, there was tea and cake available all afternoon! 

Students who completed our survey received a free goodie bag and we received some wonderful responses. 100% of students rated their experience as 'Good', 'Really Good' and one even said it was 'Super Excellent'. 73% of students who attented said that they would definitely join a club or society after attending or that they already had before the event. 

[I was] already enrolled, but inspired to become more involved!

Best of all was the great news that 91% of the students said they felt more included in the student community than they had before the event.

Advice from everyone makes one feel a little less nervous about what I am going to be doing.

Thank you to everyone involved in planning and delivering such a successful event and thank you to all our enthusiastic students who came along. 

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Ellie Broad

Ellie is a former member of the Students Association staff team.


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