The OU Giving Day is Live! 36 hours of rewriting futures

We believe that where you start in life shouldn’t limit where you go.

Posted on behalf of The Open University Development Office. This article was edited on Tuesday, 6 July

Over the next 36 hours, we are holding the OU’s first ever Giving Day. This is an exciting challenge where all of our wonderful OU family can come together to raise money for the Open Futures Fund which provides a range of scholarships and bursaries that will forever change the lives of disabled veterans, carers, those struggling financially, those facing difficult circumstances, or who run the risk of missing out.  





The Giving Day is an opportunity to come together as one OU family to raise money and awareness for projects that will help students to transform their futures 

Thanks to the generosity of some of the University’s supporters, we’re delighted to announce that throughout the 36 hours there will be lots of exciting match-and challenge funding opportunities to make donations go even further. 

You can find out more about this exciting day by visiting the University’s Giving Day Website: OU Giving Day (


How donor support is rewriting futures

We believe that where you start in life shouldn’t limit where you go. The OU’s first ever Giving Day will provide more scholarships, bursaries and financial support that will help rewrite the futures of many more people who might miss out on the chance of a higher education and achieving their dreams.


Image text reads: ‘To say it has been tough would be an understatement. I applied for the OU’s Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fundto help get my life back on track. I was delighted to receive a scholarship to study for a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with a view to working in local or national government. To all of you who support the OU’s Open Futures Fund, I would like to say a very big THANK YOU! Your generosity will undoubtedly change the lives of many more veterans who have so very much to offer if given just a little bit of help along the way.’ Kevin Pryke, Disabled Veteran Scholarship Recipient
The Open University Development Office

Please contact the Development Office at if you have any questions or want to find out more about the Giving Day.


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