Pride at the beach

PLEXUS attended Bourne Free in Bournemouth this weekend

Yesterday PLEXUS took part in the parade at Bourne Free, the Pride event that takes place annually in Bournemouth.  It was a great day, the sun shone (note to self more SPF 50 please) and there was a party atmosphere as we made our way through the town.  The crowds were out lining the street and we were kept entertained by a rather irreverant, but hilariously amusing drag act on the open top bus in front of us.

While having a good time is always part of Pride, we need to remember that we still march because of inequality and to fight against homophobia.  The message that was clear, that was to 'paint your world with Pride' and it was obvious that this was the key point of the day – there were some fabulous costumes on show and plenty of facepaint and glitter.  For those of you who remember the Jonathan Harvey movie 'Beautiful Thing', there was even a performance by the wonderful Dave Lynn.

PLEXUS will be at Nottingham Pride on 27 July, we're expecting a great turn out of students and staff and we'd love to see you there. To register, visit our website here:

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