Safeguarding Week 2021 at the OU Students Association

Safeguarding is something that the OU Students Association takes very seriously. We work closely with the OU’s Safeguarding Team.

“Safeguarding is an umbrella term which can mean different things to different people, we are here to listen to concerns if someone thinks a child or vulnerable adult is at risk” – Deborah Peat, Assistant Director Safeguarding, Equality and Inclusion at the OU. 

Safeguarding is something that the OU Students Association takes very seriously and we work closely with the OU’s Safeguarding Team to ensure that anyone who needs it gets the intervention and assistance they require. 

It’s understandable to think that because the OU is a university, that safeguarding might not be a priority for them, however, many of our students are parents of children or carers of vulnerable people. 

With this in mind, we thought that National Safeguarding Adult’s Week would be an ideal time to remind you that safeguarding is everyone’s business, and that the Safeguarding Team is available to offer support students on all matters relating to safeguarding, the team can be contacted at

You can also read more about the OU Students Associations commitment to Safeguarding by visiting our website

National Safeguarding Adults Week, organised by the Ann Craft Trust offers a range of events dedicated to the discussion of safeguarding adults as well as raising awareness and sharing best practice among professionals and the public.   

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