“Shall I compare thee to a TMA”

An OU-inspired adaptation of Shakespeare's classic Sonnet 18!

Shall I compare thee to a TMA

That’s been a long old graft

I’ve been slogging night and day

And only come up with a draft


I’ll be glad when it’s done and dusted

And I’ve pressed the button to submit

Over many a wine I’ve lusted

And very nearly quit


But then I found a website

That was full of support and advice

With lots of friendly content

And the student reps sounded nice


I found some info on clubs

Meet-ups, societies and all

You could even buy past papers

Or write on the big white wall


Being part of the Association

Makes you feel you’ve found a friend

And one thing to always remember

It’s all worth it in the end



Sandra Carter

Sandra is a member of the Students Association staff team.


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