She believed she could, so she did

The story of a credit transfer student...

The following piece was ‘highly commended’ in the OU Students Association Freshers writing competition. The author, Kirsty, is from Glasgow and is working towards a BA Social Sciences (Hons).

{the story of a credit transfer student}

In the past, things got in the way
She wasn’t so sure of herself back then.

Mental illness raged hard
shame spiralled out of control
She was lost ,disorientated
In a library too large
amongst the piles of required readings
written in a language she could not quite

A flurry of indistinct words
filled the pages of her days
The adventure she’d envisioned
unable to come to life
She was struggling, failing at every turn
and the support she needed
was simply not there

Ultimately, she had to go
Leave the library, the gorgeous buildings  
Her dreams too
at least for a while

This was a story that could not be told
Not yet

For five long years, those dreams sat
In a leather bound book
placed on the highest shelf
of her heart
Finally, one day
she was able to reach up
take the book down
crack it open
let the words run freely off the page
sparking imagination once more

This time, things are different
She knows who she is now
understands her strengths, her skills
Her worth
She is aware of her passions
and knows what she wants to do with them

She is ready
to take on the challenge
Face things head on, with unwavering determination
ask for help when she needs it Fall, but get right back up again

She is ready to go back into the library
Check the book out  
begin to write her story

This time
she would do it.
Craft a better narrative
pen a happier ending  

She believed she could  
and so
She did.

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