Societies visit to Woolsthorpe Manor

Find out about a societies day trip to Newton’s Family Home at Woolsthorpe Manor on Saturday, 2nd November.

The Open University Student Science and Mathematics Societies Alchemy (Chemistry), Fusion (Physics) and M500 (Mathematics) are organising a joint visit to Woolsthorpe Manor on Saturday, 2nd November.

Sir Isaac Newton was born at Woolsthorpe Manor on Christmas Day, 1642 (according to the old Julian Calendar then in use). From 1661 to 1665 Newton lived in Cambridge, where he was a student at Trinity College. But shortly after Newton graduated, in August 1665, the University of Cambridge was closed as a result of the Great Plague and he returned to his family home of Woolsthorpe Manor where he remained for two years.

Newton made many of his greatest discoveries during those two years, including his work in developing the calculus, much of his work on optics, and a substantial part of his development of his theory of universal gravitation. He later said: “…in those days I was in the prime of my age for invention & minded Mathematicks & Philosophy more then than at any time since”.

Please contact me, Nigel Patterson, at if you are interested in attending.

For those travelling by train, the nearest station is Grantham which is on direct lines from London, Norwich, Nottingham and Sheffield. It can be reached from elsewhere by changing at Nottingham etc. Grantham Station is some 8 miles from Woolsthorpe Manor. The cost of taxi fare will be covered by the Societies (up to a maximum of 15), provided that you notify me of your intention to attend in advance. Please meet outside the station entrance at 13:15.

For those travelling by road, Woolsthorpe Manor is a short distance from the Woolsthorpe Junction (B6403) exit from the A1.

Woolsthorpe Manor is owned and managed by the National Trust and so, if you are a member, please bring your National Trust Membership card. The cost of entrance to Woolsthorpe Manor is £8.80. The Societies will cover the entrance cost of the first 10 people to notify me in advance.

The event is open to all OU students, whether you are studying science and maths or not. Family and friends are also welcome, although we are only able to subsidise OU students. Please note that all under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted on behalf of Nigel Patterson – M500 Society Rep

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