Student Voice Week 2020 (15 – 21 November) – SAVE THE DATE!

Student Voice Week, a partnership event between the Open University and the Students Association will be taking place 15th-21st of November.

Save the date – Student Voice Week 2020 will be taking place 15th21st of November, entirely online and open to all students. Throughout the week students will have opportunities to attend sessions to shape the decisions and direction at the Open University and the Students Association. With more than 30 sessions on offer, there is absolutely something for everyone. Whether you are a new or returning student, been involved in previous initiatives or totally new to Student Voice, this is your chance to make a difference to your student experience. 

How can you get involved?

For now, save the date. The full timetable of activities will be published on the OU Student Voice website on the 26th October, so make sure to check it out then. You will have the opportunity to select and register on sessions, or just turn up on the day. 

From coffee mornings to Q&Asconsultations, demos, workshops and a quiz night, there will be something for everyone to give them an opportunity to be involved. With a variety of morning, daytime, evening, weekday and weekend sessions everyone's availability will be catered for. Some sessions will be for any student to attend, some may be specific to your region, subject area or protected characteristics. The latter is particularly important, to ensure a wide range of voices can be captured throughout the week.  

Sessions will be delivered by OU and Association staff as well as by student reps. A lot of sessions will include opportunities to find out something new, to ask questions and provide feedback on initiatives. 

After the week, you will also get the opportunity to feedback on the specific sessions you attended to allow further improvements for organisers and project leads.  

Why should you get involved?

Students are experts in their own field - being a student. Through being involved in Student Voice initiatives, you will get the chance to shape projects, help make decisions, learn new skills to collaborateget involved in the community and meet fellow students and staff. You will also find out about exciting changes and new initiatives ahead of others, an absolute deal for the nosey ones out there!  

The Association and OU rely on Student Voice to ensure students have the best experience possible in their study journey. From small changes to strategic decision influencing, there is a way for everyone to be involved. 

Student Voice Week is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in finding out more about opportunities and provides an easy way for any student, no matter time constraints to make a difference to their own and peer journeys. 

What about beyond?

Student Voice Week aims to celebrate various initiatives in one week, but it’s the beginning rather than the end. During the week, you will hear about further opportunities to be involved in throughout the year. 

If the week gets you motivated to be involved, make sure you check out the Association volunteer page and the OU Student Voice site for further opportunities to be involved. 

Student Voice matters all year around and is at the heart of everything the OU and the Association does. 

We really hope you will be able to join us and we look forward to seeing you throughout the week! 😊 

Fanni Zombor 

Vice President Engagement 

Nathan Parsons 

Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Students) 

Posted on behalf of the Student Voice Week Planning Group 

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