Study goals for the year ahead

Some of our favourite study goals submitted by OU students for the Freshers Fortnight Study Goal Prize Draw.

During Freshers Fortnight (20 Sept – 3 Oct 2021), the OU Students Association launched its Study Goals Prize Draw for a lucky student to win a bundle from the OU Students Shop. Students shared their study goal for the academic year ahead. We’re sharing a few of our favourites here, from over 190 entries.

Please note, these are not the winners of the competition. The lucky winner has already been chosen and contacted.

Enjoy it!

“My study goal is to enjoy my final module and to get as much out of it as possible!”

Time is of the essence

“My goal this year is to manage and organise my time better than previously, so I can focus more on studying."

If you too want to get better at planning your time and improving other study skills, check out these articles - Essay and Exam Tips and Seasoned students give their TMA Top Tips

Take note...

“To conquer the art of note taking”

You can check out these note-taking techniques on the OU Help Centre.

Reference away!

“my study goal for my first level 1 module is to attempt academic referencing in my tma’s and over the course of the module, gain some confidence in doing it!”

You can learn more about referencing and have a look at some useful resources in an article by Cinnomen McGuigan, Vice President Education, here

Stay on track

“My study goal this year is to stay up to date with my workload and try to not fall behind. Being on time means less stress. Will be doing a lot more planning to achieve this!”

Sometimes it's difficult to keep on track with your studies. If you're falling behind, don't panic and follow this guidance here on the OU Help Centre.

Keep it simple

“Take one day at a time.”

See you later procrastination…

“My study goal is to study and not procrastinate over it!”

If you also struggle with procrastination, take a look at these tips on dealing with distractions on the OU Help Centre.

Get through it

“Just to pass… this is my 3rd attempt at my degree so I really want to make it this time!”

What ever your study goal is this year, you’ve got this!

Good luck!

You can check out some more entries on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

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Lara Munday

Lara is a member of the OU Students Association staff team.

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