Study Spaces: Do You Recommend It? Do You Even Have One?

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You know, study spaces are one of the most recommended things I have seen advised by students to incoming freshers.

“Have a dedicated study space. Please don’t study on your bed.” 

But, how many people actually follow that? I personally would love to find out as someone who doesn’t have a dedicated study space at the current moment! (Ha. Haha. Totally not jealous of the people who do. It’s not like I look at the studygram hashtag on Instagram all the time.)

Feel free to leave a comment about the results or about your study space journey!

  1. Do you have a dedicated place to study?

    1. Yes! I have a space dedicated to it and that's where I study almost religiously!
    2. I do have a dedicated space to study in, but I don't study there all the time.
    3. Nah, don't really do well with staying in one spot all the time!
    4. I'm actually trying something new right now, so I don't know if this space will be permanent for me to study in or not.
    38 votes
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  2. Is your study space your bed? No judgement!

    1. Unapologetically yes! (Live your truth!)
    2. Never! Don't recommend it. Doesn't feel natural to me!
    3. Sometimes!
    36 votes
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  3. Bed as a study space: Recommend to others or not?

    1. I don't really see the big deal or any difference if I study on the bed in comparison to anywhere else! It's sort of meh.
    2. Nope. Don't do it. Trust me. I noticed the difference.
    3. Yeah, do it! The best personal decision I've ever made. I do better on my assignments.
    34 votes
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  4. If not the bed: Where is your study space? (Doesn't matter if it's a dedicated space or a place where you go the most to study!)

    1. In my home! (Example: a desk.)
    2. In my home, but outside! (Ex. a garden)
    3. Outside! (Ex. cafe or library)
    4. Outside in nature! (Ex. a park)
    34 votes
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  5. Would you probably be the person that would tell others to have a dedicated study space, whether or not you have one yourself?

    1. Yes! I believe it to be important.
    2. Not really the first tip I'd give, but I'd mention it. Eventually.
    3. Nope! Probably not.
    33 votes
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  1. I did four OU degrees using only my lap as a workspace, sitting in front of the TV or on my bed. I believe it’s not the done thing to share marks and grades, but suffice to say my marks were well above average in all 37 OU modules I did.

  2. Really interesting topic! I’ve got a room I specifically use for my study.. however the past few weeks I’ve been working from my bedroom and I can definitely tell the difference. I’d always recommend working in a space separate to your bedroom if you can!